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  • Publication Project

    IRC was established and has being working since last 11 years. We have ventured to take up publication of books on Islam in simple and idiomatic Telugu for common people as well as intellectuals. The 5 main sources of Islamic knowledge as mentioned in the previous page (See Resource Knowledge) can produce writers, speakers, Dawah workers and Insha Allah also helpful in preparing many more books on various subjects in future.

    It is planed at first that the whole publication project including Audio-video CDs and Software packages based on 5 main sources should be completed in 12 years. But as the Centre is depending only on donations, it could not achieve any object completely except in the publication field. In this field also it is proposed to take up a "Short Term Project" that is, Maximum Matter in Minimum Pages of 12 Titles is to be published. Dawah and Kids Literature is also to be prepared and published in the shape of booklets.

    Out of these 12 titles only 10 titles have so far been published. Remaining 2 titles are yet to be published. In addition to the 10 main books as Resource literature, 8 small books have also been published as Dawah literature.

Future Plans

At present Office with DTP unit and Stock of the publications are kept in the rented house of the chairman and no scope to keep further stock. Hence an own office building is badly required for the Institution.

An Editorial board comprising of one Aalim-e-deen with good command of Telugu and two Telugu writers for the preparation of new publications and to run a monthly magazine.

Recently a cargo vehicle has been purchased for sales of the publications. For this purpose one driver and one salesman were also appointed. But the maitanance charges of the vehicle for a long time is unbareble to the Institution. So come! Let us save the Telugu speaking people and show them the Chosen Way of Allah. Let us invest our talents and property in this Heavenly Task which yeilds 700 times more profit for us.

QuranBhavamrutham (Telugu Quran with meaning) Hadees Hithoktulu (Hadeeth Pearals in telugu) Mahaneeya Muhammad Adarsya Jeevitham (Ideal life of Prophet Muhammad The great) Furqan Bhavamrutham  (Topic wise Qur'an meaning in Telugu) Ramazan Ashayalu (The Objectives of Ramazaan) Paraloka Prasthanam (Journey of the Hear after life) Dhana Vikendreekarana (Decentralisation of Wealth) Muslim Mahila (Muslim Woman) Kaaba Sandesam (The message of Kaaba) Shaanthi-Samaram-Nyaayam (Peace, War and Justice) Dampathya Jeevitham (Married Life) Islam Bodhanalu (Teachings of Islam) Suvarna Sooktulu (Golden words of Islam) Aatma Katha (The Story of Soul) Pariksha Prapancham (The World of Test) EkaDaivaradhana (Oneness of God) Islam Pilupu (Islam Calls You) Viswasi Gunaganalu (Qualities of the believers Telugu) Maseeh mouwood (Promissed Messaiah) Samaikyata Sodara Bhavalu (Milli Integration) PralayaSanketalu (The signs on doom day) Namaz in Telugu, Namaz in Islam Antima Daiva Grandham (Final Scripture - Telugu) Dasula Hakkulu (Human Rights in Islam Telugu) Ghora Paapaalu (Severe Sins - Telugu) Tib-e-Nabavi (s) Pravakta (s) Vaidyam (Telugu) Dharani Taaralu (Telugu)(Seerath-as-Sahaaba) Islam Charitra (Islamic History-I)