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  • IRC Organization Introduction

    Aims and Objects of the I.R.C.

    The institution "Islamic Resource Centre" (IRC) is a registered body came into existence in 12/1997 under the A.P. (India) Public Societies Registration Act. The "Centre" consists of 7 members.

    The Islamic Resource Centre (IRC) is to remain as a non-political one, and adopt Humanity as its main resource based on Qur'an and Sunnah.

    To promote literacy and literary taste aiming at character building of men and women culturally and morally, eradication of social evils and superstitions with spiritual base and strive to make them responsible and progressive citizens leading a peaceful life.

    To publish books, pamphlets, folders, handbills, research papers and periodicals in Telugu language and make audio/video materials, educate and hold educational seminars, symposiums, workshops, memorial lectures, research awards etc.

    To achieve and promote Communal Amity and Harmonious Relations between the people of various sections of the society.

    To Endeavour establishment of self employment vocational training institutions like sewing centers, computer points etc, thus care for overall development.

    To do such other things as are conductive for attainment of any or all of the above objects of the people in generally by utilizing all means and provisions available under the Indian Constitution.

About Author

Abul Irfan, author and the Founder Chairman of Islamic Resource Centre, established for the development of Islamic literature in Telugu. He has authored many books in Telugu on Islamic religion and culture. He maintained regular columns in PRABODHINI monthly, GEETURAI weekly. He worked as a Sub-Editor in GEETURAI weekly and later promoted as Incharge Editor in GEETURAI monthly. He served as Editor in GEETURAI weekly from September 1996 to April 1997.

In addition, he translated several books published by various organisations. Currently he is running his own institution name (Islamic Resource Centre) for development of islamic literature in Telugu.

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